20something Profile: Quinn & Jonathon

Life Out of the Box

We’re very excited to share with you an article from the website 20somethings in 2012 that profiles our background story on how Life Out of the Box was started. The website sets out to highlight interesting 20somethings that are out in the world creating things in an unconventional and entrepreneurial way, so we’re excited that they consider us to be doing just that.

Check out our profile and the rest of their site, it’ll give you a great insight on the mentality of many other 20somethings that are doing all they can to live their life out of the box and change the world.

To read the article, click: 20something Profile: Quinn & Jonathon

7 responses to “20something Profile: Quinn & Jonathon

  1. Loved the article guys! Thanks for sharing your light with the rest of the world (including us 20somethings)!

    I watched your “Life Out of the Box” videos on the “About” page and was really excited to see excerpts from your travels. I am certainly inspired and will be following your adventures from now on.

    Ben @ TravelingThaneFurrows

    • Thanks so much Ben. We love sharing our story and hope that it inspires fellow 20somethings to go out and do what they’ve always dreamt of as well! We’ll continue to put up lots more video updates of our travels as things are getting really exciting here in Nica! Hope to hear from you again Ben. Thanks so much for the kind words.
      -Quinn & Jonathon

  2. Guys, I love your philosophy. What you’re doing is both a great cause for local Nicaraguans but also for anyone looking to design a life they love. Best of luck to you.

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