Life Out of the Box Talks With High School Class

Life Out of the Box in the Classroom

Just a few hours ago, we were Skyping with Robert-preneur’s awesome 4th period Econ class in Los Angeles, CA. The students were awesome. They had great questions for us about living in Nicaragua, our decision to move here, our business and how we give back. They were very interested in how people live down here, which was refreshing and inspiring to see as these kids are the future. It was wonderful for us to be able to share our experiences with them and teach them a little bit about a new culture. They were full of character and so much fun to talk to, we can’t wait to talk to them again in the future. They made us laugh the whole time, especially when it came to questions about our low cost rent and meals.  Great kids, lots of laughs and so much fun. To all of you students: thanks for making our day, we hope to hear from you all via email, FB, Twitter, etc. And remember, go after your dreams and keep living life out of the box.

On that note, we are happy to share with you the article that Robert, the teacher of the class, wrote about us on his website. We’re blown away by the kind words he wrote, it’s quite an honor. Check out the article and check out the rest of his site, his teaching methods are very entrepreneurial and exciting to see. Enjoy!

To read the article, click: Passion, Courage, Creativity, Vision, Love–A Young Couple in Nicaragua Leading the Way

3 responses to “Life Out of the Box Talks With High School Class

  1. What a great opportunity for you, the teacher and the kids. I suspect that your life will resonate with Robert’s students. They are, perhaps, the non-traditional movers, thinkers and doers that will embrace a new way of thinking about “giving back.” Robert, his students and you (both) are an inspiration. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your extremely kind words. It was an amazing experience for us and we hope the kids got as much out of it as we did. Connecting with the younger generation is always a special experience as they are the non-traditional movers and shakers of the future. We hope that by sharing our story with them that it’ll inspiring them to go out to live the life they’re always dreamt of while making a positive impact on the world and moving the world forward. If they can truly feel as though they can do anything at any age, then I think we’re in for a very positive and exciting future 🙂

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