Weekend Wisdom: Don’t Tell People Your Dreams. Show Them.

don't tell people your dreams show them

Don’t tell people your dreams. Show them.


13 responses to “Weekend Wisdom: Don’t Tell People Your Dreams. Show Them.

  1. I agree… Once you share your dreams, you are mixing their energy with yours. Most of the time, they just can’t dream as big as you, so your dreams get watered down and the confidence is lost and the dream fades… As I once heard, “Follow your dreams, for your dreams you shall become.” Thanks for the post! Cap. Paul

  2. Reblogged this on Help! …I'm an EXPAT? and commented:
    So recently I’ve not written for 3-4 days, So firstly I apologise, but I am a still student and I still have coursework as a result.

    So lets cover some of the exciting thing’s I’ve not been able to post about due to prior engagements.
    On Thursday we had our first snow of the season, though unfortunately it didn’t stick, so now everywhere is covered in icy patches where it melted and re-froze. As a result our travel time has doubled.

    We have almost finished our registration with the municipality, so I’ll be publishing a guide to that soon, the guide will cover a method of registering that will reduce waiting time and hopefully help people around the obstacles that we have encountered, providing all the little bits of information that people forget to tell you.

    Next Tuesday when I have finished my coursework, I will start tutoring an A-Level student, which will be fun. I like tutoring people but I’ve been unable to do much over the last year due to prior commitments. Tutoring is one of the best jobs for a uni student as it helps them practice & revise the basics while they study the next level up and they get paid for doing it. Is there another way to get paid to do your revision?

    And last but no least my projects is moving forward in an orderly fashion. I have business meetings coming up that should result in some excellent outcomes, but more on that as it develops.

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