Saying Adios to Paradiso

After making the decision to leave Laguna de Apoyo, we knew the hardest part was going to be saying goodbye to all of our staff . As we begun packing up our things, we made the decision to downsize the amount of stuff we were going to bring with us. When we moved from San Juan del Sur to here, carrying around all of our stuff was painful and just a hassle–it’s our traveling home! The back pack consists of both Jon’s and my stuff and although we both made a huge effort to not bring a lot of stuff with us originally, we wanted to travel even lighter. So we began to make a pile of clothes and other stuff that we could give to our staff members and their kids. It was really fun getting rid of stuff I didn’t need and giving it to people who did. Everyone was really appreciative of the things we gave them and that made us really happy.

Life Out of the Box in Nicaragua

We opened up our last 2 liter of Coca-Cola and a fresh box of Denmark sugar cookies that one of our friends gave us a while back and that we had been saving for a special occasion such as this.

Life Out of the Box in Nicaragua

JB and I opened our last Toña from the fridge and hung out with everyone for a bit in the kitchen, taking in this beautiful scene we called home one last time before we left.

Life Out of the Box in Nicaragua

I sat on Albertina’s lap and gave her a big hug–she was my angel in some of my lowest times here. I will miss her a lot. We all made a toast and then gave each other hugs.

Life Out of the Box in Nicaragua

We told them that we would be back to give each of their kids school supplies–they would be one of the first to receive a donation from LOOTB. Knowing that we would all see each other again made the goodbye a lot easier.

Life Out of the Box in Nicaragua

We grabbed our backpacks and the box that held our books we were giving to our next destination. Before we hopped on the bus to move to Masaya, we had one last stop to make just down the street from Paradiso–the Peace Project.

Life Out of the Box in Nicaragua

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28 responses to “Saying Adios to Paradiso

  1. I did the same thing when I left Argentina after living there for 3 months. I gave some friends some items and gave a bunch of stuff to the hostel next door to the apartment building I lived in

  2. I can see why you wouldn’t want to leave there. Your pictures are gorgeous, so I’m guessing that it really is heaven on earth. Thanks for stopping by my website. I’m honored having you!

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