Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that we both always look forward to every year. The turkey, the stuffing and of course the family time. This was the first year Quinn would not be celebrating Thanksgiving with her family and no one thought that it would have ever been due to her living in Nicaragua.

Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

Because this holiday meant so much to us we knew that we had to have our own celebration. However, this was no ordinary task considering we had no kitchen and no stores that sold any of the Thanksgiving essentials in the town of Masaya. So our goal was to replicate Thanksgiving as best as possible with the resources we had.

Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

We searched online and couldn’t find any restaurants in Masaya that were serving turkey or ham for expats, so we went for the next best thing: Rotisserie Chicken. We first made a stop at Pali to grab some wonderful side dishes. We purchased refried beans, two beers, salad dressing and a few veggies for C$140 ($5.85).

Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

We walked over to the restaurant, set up the plates and had a moment together of being thankful for the food we were about to eat.

Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

It was quite non-traditional eating chicken, salad, rice and beans and yet we couldn’t have been more thankful for what we had in front of us.

Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

It was a special moment that we washed down with a swig of beer.

Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

We ate the whole chicken and reflected on how wonderfully satisfying it was. It was just another day here in Nicaragua to everyone else, this tradition didn’t affect anyone around us at all. However, there was something special about having Thanksgiving in a country, especially a third world country, that made us feel more grateful and thankful for the little things we had than any other Thanksgiving before. There was no Black Friday the next day, no leftovers–Thanksgiving was deliberately celebrated by only us in Masaya and therefore the original core values of the holiday were more focused on and apparent than ever. We were both very thankful for many things here in our lives, the people in our lives in the States and in Nicaragua–especially each other.

Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

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15 responses to “Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

  1. I’m beginning to love this ‘thanksgiving day’ thing. I know everybody should be thankful and all but we don’t have a particular ‘Thanksgiving Day’ here in the Philippines…Christmas day and New Year’s eve are big celebrations here though. 🙂

  2. It is in breaking away from the old traditions — giant turkey and tables laden with food followed by nonstop football and crazed consumerism — that we find the way back to the purpose of the holiday. We shouldn’t just pause and count our blessings on Thanksgiving we should spend most of the day in reflection and gratitude, as you did. By being acutely aware of what you were missing, you have become deeply grateful for what you now have. Jon and Quinn, the spiritual side of your journey has been every bit as exciting to watch as the many other facets of your life together in Nica. Where ever this journey takes you, you will emerge stronger, more powerful individuals who truly understand this world as few others do. I am so thankful to call you both family.

    • This was extremely touching. Thank you very much Bob. This is one of our top favorite comments of all time. We miss ya tons and we are very happy to know that we can call you family too.

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