Spreading Luv All the Way to Nicaragua

Life Out of the Box Giving to Naomi

So this morning we woke up to a beautiful email from one of our first customers that started our Friday the best way possible. Jeneal of “Pieces of Luv” shared the email we sent her after she made a purchase on her blog and how she felt when she saw it. We sent her photos of the little girl she gave a gift to and described the experience for her so that she could really feel like she was right there with us. Naomi (the little girl in the picture above) was so grateful for the notebook that she squeezed it close to her chest and jumped around in excitement. Jeneal made the difference, so we really wanted her to feel the appreciation and love that was felt by her miles away in Nicaragua. It made us so happy to read that she actually did feel the experience of giving like we did.

We wanted to share this lovely article written by her with you to show how beautiful it is when the giving and receiving is shared and connected. It’s people like Jeneal who make the world a better place and make all of what we’re doing possible.

Here’s the wonderful article: Spreading Luv in Nicaragua

20 responses to “Spreading Luv All the Way to Nicaragua

  1. She’s adorable, isn’t she? Have you guys thought of setting up an LOOTB Charity for the educational pursuits of children in Nicaragua?

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