Walking Around the Streets of Masaya

We’re currently living in Masaya, Nicaragua and love it. Our favorite thing to do is just walk around the streets and discover more of this awesome town, so we figured we’d give you all a visual tour of what it’s like when we walk around here. It’s a working class town where one can truly grasp what Nicaraguan life is like. Every colorful street you walk down here in Masaya has a unique personality of its own.

LOOTB on the Streets of Masaya, Nicaragua

LOOTB on the Streets of Masaya, Nicaragua

There are buildings that are very old that have been there for a long time are are very worn down, creating a vintage feel around each corner.

LOOTB on the Streets of Masaya, Nicaragua

LOOTB on the Streets of Masaya, Nicaragua

There are newer buildings as well, which show that the town is a working town whose goal is forward progress.

LOOTB on the Streets of Masaya, Nicaragua

Neighborhoods are very different on each block as well. In the heart of the city, there are newer tiled homes that seem to carry multiple families in one. Walk a bit further out of the main city and you’ll start seeing rows and rows of dirt floor homes made of sheet metal that are set up like a compound.

LOOTB on the Streets of Masaya, Nicaragua

LOOTB on the Streets of Masaya, Nicaragua

In these dirt roads, there are always kids running around playing together outside, happy as can be. This is also where you can see some of the hard working Nicaraguans walking from home to catch the bus to work early in the morning. Out here is the heart of Masaya.

LOOTB on the Streets of Masaya, Nicaragua

You never know what the streets on Masaya will lead you to. For example, the other day while walking to breakfast early in the morning, we saw three huge hogs leisurely walking around the busiest street in town by themselves with ropes around their necks. They had escaped from their owner and were on the loose! One finally got caught but I couldn’t stop laughing. Only in Nica.

LOOTB on the Streets of Masaya, Nicaragua

The streets of Masaya in photos:ย 

41 responses to “Walking Around the Streets of Masaya

  1. Reblogged this on vienaqui and commented:
    Love your post , Nicaragua has such rich culture and so much to offer . One can only appreciate life just a bit more by expanding our knowledge and by experiencing other cultures , and also by discovering other ways to live and enjoy life.

  2. I’ve never been there and your posts bring more of the World into the lives of people everywhere. That’s a very good thing. We live our lives pretty sheltered here in the USA. Hard to believe, but it’s true. We only see what we search for, as is true with all of us and then there are you guys… Thank you for opening the door without knocking. Thank you for opening my heart to yet another culture. I appreciate you and what you are doing to change the World and sharing your lives with us.

  3. Dear Quinn Jonathon,
    I just received the LOOTB bracelet, its so cool, I love it. Thank you so much for the lovely note that you wrote for me.Your are really generous and humble people.
    Wonderful photos of Masaya, colorful and funny (Goma de Marcar sin azucar – hahhaha.)

    Much love


  4. Hi Jonathan and Quinn
    The Blog of the Year nominations are going around and it goes without saying that you guys would be one of the blogs that I nominated. Please visit my site to see the nomination and the rules for nomination. You guys are awesome.
    Warmth and Peace

  5. Wonderful sunny photos, it’s a very grey day here in England so it was lovely to see all your gorgeous pictures… and read your interesting test! i loved the picture of the escaped pig!

  6. How appropriate that you are in Masaya. In the Philippine language, that word means.”happy”. I, too, would like to do something like what you are doing. I just need the guts to “just do it”.

  7. How appropriate that you are in “Masaya”. It means “happy” in Tagalog. So many talented artisans in the Philippines, but need funding. Wish I had the guts to “just do it!”

  8. Interesting . South and Central America have a special place in our hearts . We used to live in Mexico and had very fond of memory about the place and the people there .

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