Meet the Adventurers: A Guide to Living Outside the Box

LOOTB Quinn & Jonathon

Here’s one of our favorite articles published about us by the wonderful Marcella Chamorro of The Perpetual Vacation. In the article Marcella puts her own funny and entertaining twist on our story with quotes from us in a magazine style format, making it a very fun read for all. Marcella is a writer and entrepreneur herself who gave up the corporate world of marketing and ventured out to start her own thing, just like us. We all connected instantly and one of the best parts is that she’s just 20 mins away from us in Managua, Nicaragua! We both feel very fortunate to have been written about by her, she’s a hugely talented writer with the same mindset and the same lifestyle as Life Out of the Box. Let her writing inspire you, make you laugh and let us know what you think!

To read the article, click: Meet the Adventurers: A Guide to Living Outside of the Box

33 responses to “Meet the Adventurers: A Guide to Living Outside the Box

  1. You are a prime example of ‘living’ your lives and not letting fear hold you back! I agree with you that it is the things you don’t try that you live to regret. Kudos to you both for making the world a brighter place!

      • Thank you for asking. I’m currently living my dream of owning a working farm (blueberries), something I started 8 years ago. Now I want to find a way to cut back on my ‘paying’ office job, so that I have more time to spend on the land, write, teach and allow more of the creative juices to flow. I’ve worked hard to heal this land and make it a restorative place to be. And I know the time is coming soon when more people will find me and come. The fear is ‘will I be ready?’ And the answer is yes, even though I may not think I am.

      • Yeah you will be ready!! I love blueberries. It’s awesome that your living your dream and making it all happen. Sounds like an amazing life. Congrats on making it happen. Have a wonderful evening.

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