Where Have You Two Been?

Are you guys ok? Why haven’t I been getting any updates?

LOOTB Life Out of the Box

These are some of the questions we have been getting recently. Well, life has been crazy exciting. Ever since our store launch, we have been running around figuring out how we can make this crazy beautiful business idea work. The concept that for every product sold we directly show the child that the purchaser gave school supplies to is pretty unique and therefore we have had no set blue print to follow. The fact that we’ve started from the ground up and followed our own path, has of course generated some pretty epic stories and adventures that we can’t wait to share with you all in the coming weeks.

LOOTB Life Out of the Box

We have been walking all around town making this dream happen through giving children school supplies. At the same time we have been setting up a new website, LOOTB Gives, so that our buyers can actually see the child they gave school supplies to and feel a true connection. Our goal has always been to inspire others to follow their dreams while making the world a better place and we felt this website was another great way for you all to get inspired and feel the love from Nicaragua.

LOOTB Life Out of the Box

LOOTB Life Out of the Box

It has truly been a wonderful experience that we are looking forward to sharing with you all. After giving away the school supplies on behalf of our first initial buyers, we flew back to our home state California in December for the holidays.

LOOTB Life Out of the Box

LOOTB Life Out of the Box

We met with other professionals, retail stores and media about our business as well as sold more bracelets so that we could continue to give more school supplies to children upon our return.

LOOTB Life Out of the Box

Life has been way out of the box and one heck of an adventure but that’s what we started this for. 2012 was a crazy and amazing year, but here’s to 2013 being the best year yet full of giving, spreading love and living life out of the box!

LOOTB Life Out of the Box Life is too short to wait


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  1. What a lovely approach to life you have!Thank you for stopping by my site, giving me the opportunity to view yours. I’m looking forward to getting to a place with better internet (i.e., a more generous data allowance! so I can view some of your videos.

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