2012: Recapping the Craziest Year of Our Lives

Life Out of the Box 2012 Recap

This last year has been the craziest year for us both. To think that a year ago we were planning out how it could be possible to start our own business in Nicaragua while giving back to the community and now to see how far we’ve come has been so rewarding. We gave it all up to pursue our dreams. We never thought we would have run a hostel, bar and restaurant all while searching throughout the country for different handmade products. The lowest moments for us were Quinn’s trip to the hospital due to Dengue and Jonathon’s experience with the measles. But even with the lows, we don’t regret a thing. If we had never stepped out of our box, we wouldn’t have been able to experience the wonderful highs of becoming entrepreneurs. Over all it’s been the most epic year of our lives filled with adventure, laughs, scares, beauty, new friends, a new business, volunteering, traveling and everything else in between. Below, we recap some of our most memorable articles (these were very difficult to choose), and our favorite videos that we made just in case there were a few parts of our story that you might have missed :-).  There are also some of the articles that were written about us this past year. We hope that you  continue to enjoy following our journey as we expand our business, give back to the community and explore more of Nicaragua.

Life Out of the Box 2012 Recap

Most memorable articles of 2012: 

Experiencing the Harsh Reality of Managua

Understanding Poverty in Nicaragua

Happy Living in Nicaragua

Life in the Wild

Every Traveler’s Fear

Reading Spanish with the Students

The Nicaraguan ER at Hospital Japonés

Spreading Luv All the Way to Nicaragua

The Value of a Notebook

Our favorite homemade videos of 2012:

Life Out of the Box Part 1

Life Out of the Box Part 2

Life Out of the Box Part 3

Critters of Nicaragua Part 1

The Beach of San Juan del Sur

LOOTB Store Launch

Articles written about LOOTB in 2012:

Meet the Adventurers: A Guide to Living Outside the Box (The Perpetual Vacation)

Abroad Blog of the Week: Life Out of the Box (Homebound Global)

Passion, Courage, Creativity, Vision, Love–A Young Couple in Nicaragua Leading the Way (Teacherpreneur)

20something Profile: Quinn & Jonathon (20somethings in 2012)

25 responses to “2012: Recapping the Craziest Year of Our Lives

  1. Oh how wonderful you both are!
    I haven’t got the time yet to read all through the highlighted articles, but the titles are so suggestive and to the point of what you went, and are going through!
    Please, please remember ONE thing: look and ponder as long as you can on those beautiful pictures of yourselves embracing in the rapture of your love and respect for each other, and let them imprint deep in your hearts… Because when the rough harshness of life is going to come, those depths will be your hide and refuge until storms will pass… Let NO reason EVER stay for longer than a heartbeat, between you: as each other is ALL you’ve got in this life…
    After 20 years, 4 children, and 3 countries, I know that so well, when in the morning I turn my head and still see the beautiful face who still loves me, on the pillow next to mine… It’s all I’ve got, and need nothing else…
    Reassuring you of my true and friendly “following”😃


    • Wow that’s beautiful Rom. You should definitely show your other half what you wrote. Your words are poetic and beautiful. We definitely know that we are all that we have. We are always together and we cherish that all the time. It’s what makes us happy. Your advice is great and we promise to follow it. Amazing sir. Truly amazing. Thank you for the sweet comment. Means the world to us both.
      Jon and Quinn

  2. I will look forward to taking some time and reading back through your favorite posts. I’m intrigued, to say the least, at the courage and resilience it takes to do what you’ve chosen to do. I’m so glad I found your blog. Debra

    • Thanks Debra,
      It has been a crazy leap to say the least. We constantly feel like we are on a crazy roller coaster. But we love the ride. The highs are amazing and the lows help us grow. Check it out and ask us anything. Thanks for the support.

  3. I love your thinking outside the box photo i also enjoyed reading your post on here i wish you both all the luck and drive you need.

  4. I’m so blessed by the stories of people who dare to go beyond the comfortable and safe. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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