The Journey of Getting Our Products Made

A few months ago, I went on a journey to find some local artisans here in Masaya that could assist Quinn and I with making the LOOTB leather bracelets. After going to breakfast with Quinn, we decided to split up so that we could tackle all the tasks we had for the day. Quinn had to photograph and post the bracelets that we had so far to our online store and I was dedicated to getting our leather bracelets made.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

I set foot with no destination. All I had was a lot of determination to find someone who could help me make the bracelets. I started walking away from town center and quickly the scenery changed. No longer were there colorful homes. There was no longer any tourists, nor bars & restaurants. I was completely surrounded by dirt roads, small homes and locals. I’m sure it was obvious that I wasn’t from Nicaragua but I didn’t care.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

As I walked up and down the dirt streets of Masaya, I peaked into all of the open windows and doors in hopes to see someone working on something similar to what we were looking for. Many families were making tortillas or cooking massive pots of beans. Others were sewing, weaving hammocks or making pairs of shoes.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

Some were even carving wood into beautiful pieces of art. I slowly approached each artisan one by one and asked if they could help me make the pulseras (bracelets) we wanted for LOOTB. Almost everyone said no but they all tried to help by directing me towards someone who they thought could assist me.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

I have been walking around town for over four hours going door to door under the cloudless blue sky in search of assistance. Finally, I caught a break. A kind young local guy drew me a map that directed me to a man named Javier. The blazing sun was starting to go down, so this was going to be my last stop before heading back to Quinn. I took the map and trekked down the dirt roads one last time. Two blocks down the street and then another eight blocks to the right was my directed route to find the tan house near a pulperia that sells apples.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

After 25 minutes of walking deeper into the local neighborhood of Masaya, I stood in front of a tan building and thought I had surely found it. I asked a group of boys out front who were making shoes if any of them were Javier. No luck. I then asked the ladies at the pulperia if they knew a Javier to which they gave me the same confused look and response as the guys making shoes: “No”. I asked the group of boys one last time and further explained what I needed him for. They went into the back of the house and then came out to tell me that Javier would meet me at the pulperia. I thought to myself, ‘Why couldn’t they have all just helped me the first time I asked?’

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

A couple of minutes later, one of the ladies at the pulperia introduced me to her brother Javier. I showed him our design drawings as well as our prototype bracelet and asked if he could replicate it. He said he could definitely do it and that I should come back in two days to check out the samples he would make us. Excitedly I agreed and left him my drawings. Filled with excitement, I ran all the way home thinking that this could be the family we need to really get this business going.

Take a risk LOOTB

28 responses to “The Journey of Getting Our Products Made

  1. Yes Quinn! I love the drive you two possess and you kept going until you found a Yes. Very inspiring, especially for me it came right on time! You guys keep at it 🙂

  2. Wow you just, give me hope I’m traveling to Africa, the next month and your blog have been a inspiration for me. I was and stile scared of going there, and make my project come true . But after I saw the job you are doing and the risk you are taking. I feel better and full of hope. Thank a lot for everything.

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  4. Your life is truly amazing. Courageous beyond repair. I think your days are what life should really be like. Up here in Florida and in America, in general, I am often amazed by how dominant the rat race can become in people’s consciousness and how little we are rewarded for our ‘monumental’ efforts. This day, you seem connected to proper commerce, business done right and on foot… Thank you for sharing, as always.

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