Learning From Our Supplier

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

A few days after searching everywhere for assistance with making the bracelets, we knew it was time for me to check out the sample product that I gave to Javier. I walked miles down the dirt roads recalling the overall direction, knowing that I would eventually find their home. As I arrived at the house, I saw Javier’s sister cutting leather to make children’s dress shoes. I was very impressed. I asked her if Javier was around. She nodded and yelled his name abruptly, which made me grin.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

Javier came out in his dirty work jeans with the sample. I looked at it and couldn’t believe it. He did it! The leather bracelet looked great. There were just a few minor adjustments to ensure that the bracelet would be made with highest quality materials. I sat down with him and asked if we could work together to make a lot of them. He agreed so I pulled up a chair out front with the family and we went to work.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

It was amazing what was happening. I was sitting in Nicaragua with a local family, no tourists within a 3 mile radius, creating a product that was going to give back to the community in so many ways. I constantly scanned my surroundings and realized that this was unlike anyplace I had ever visited before.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

I had to shut my eyes when the occasional carriage rolled past because the dirt particles were blown around by the wind. I saw wild dogs, children, drunks and happy families all walk by. I sat there, taking it all in, for what felt like an eternity because there was so many uncommon things going on.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

I asked Javier’s family all sorts of questions attempting to further understand who they were. In exchange, they asked me questions and got to understand me and the culture I came from. It was beautiful. Not only was I hearing about the Nicaraguan life from Nicaraguans, but I truly felt it as I sat there with them and actually experienced it for myself.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

The whole experience of working with the family changed me. It made me even more curious than I was before. It made me question why some get opportunities to succeed while others don’t, even if they both work just as hard. All I wanted to do was learn and give back in any way that I could. I wanted to create opportunities for as many hard working people as possible.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

I thanked them for everything and told them that I would see them again very soon. The whole walk back, all I could think about was how I could work with them and give them an opportunity for their family to accomplish their dreams.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

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  1. Reblogged this on vienaqui and commented:
    A very inspiring post about learning and appreciating another way of life and teaching others . Very impressive indeed . Thank you so much for sharing . I think this post is worth reading and sharing with others

    • Awesome. We can’t wait to show you the child that receives a school supply thanks to your purchase. We think it’s a beautiful moment. Than you so much! Let us know if you need anything.

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