LOOTB in the UC Davis Newspaper

LOOTB in the UC Davis Newspaper

The UC Davis (where I, Quinn, graduated from) Newspaper, The California Aggie, just published an article today about LOOTB and what we’re doing down here in Nicaragua. It’s a big honor to me as I remember picking up the Aggie daily whenever I walked on campus to class and I still remember some articles I read in that newspaper that inspired me. I hope that this article is one that inspires students at Davis in anyway to live their life out of the box and go after their dreams. This article is really special for LOOTB too because not only did they interview us, but they also asked one of our first customers a few questions too. We had a great time reading it and we hope that you do too. Check it out and let us know what you think!

The California Aggie: Living Life Outside the Box

14 responses to “LOOTB in the UC Davis Newspaper

  1. Just ordered the bracelet “Love” from your website and then posted it to my FB page. Take it from one who knows – press is important! Get as much as you can. Great job.

  2. What a wonderful write up! Cheers to the both of you as you move forward in your dream, and help the children of Nicaragua to have hopes and dreams too.

  3. Hi Quinn! I work at UC Davis and saw the story yesterday! I couldn’t wait to let you know and I bought a U See (clever) bracelet. Congratulations on living your dream and what a wonderful business venture. Go Aggies!

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