Surprising the Family for the Holidays


When we landed in SFO, the butterflies were fluttering. It was a combination of nervousness, excitement and surprisingly culture shock. We were back in the States, back home, and it felt like a new foreign place like Nicaragua did 8 months ago. What were we going to do first? Surprise the family! Since JB’s family brought us home for the holidays, we couldn’t surprise them. However, my family had no idea we were coming back for the holidays. It was hard to keep it from them, but we figured there was never going to be a better opportunity than this to give them all the biggest holiday surprise ever. We brought Miss Caira Button (JB’s sister–see above!), who surprised us at the airport, with us as we road tripped all around California to surprise them. After the surprises were over, we drove up the coast for Christmas from California to Washington to spread the LOOTB name, our message and sell some more bracelets. Check out the video below to see all of the surprises!

16 responses to “Surprising the Family for the Holidays

  1. I never tell my family where I am, or when I’m going to be in the country. By now my surprises aren’t that surprising any more. Be aware ! Lovin’ your blog.

  2. What a wonderful gift for your families and for you! Wonderful post and many, many blessings to ya’ll….Robin

  3. I know what you mean about culture shock in the States. When I came home (also to Cali) after 6 months of being in South Korea, the culture shock of being in the States was greater than the culture shock I felt when I first arrived in Korea. Kudos to you two for living your life outside the box!

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  5. I felt the same way when I was in Cali over the holidays. I was gone for just one year and it no longer felt like home! I couldn’t wait to get my 2013 on here in Manila. Here’s to another year abroad…cheers!

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