Weekend Video: Cascada

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/57343365 w=940&h=340]

Check out this awesome video filmed in Mexico. It’s extremely well edited with epic shots of guys falling down secluded waterfalls in the Mexican jungle. Some of the shots are so extreme you’ll be wondering how the heck they filmed them. We also love the sense of real Mexican culture that they weave into the video.

Our favorite line is, “There’s no sign of the homicidal drug gangs my mom warned me about, but the people in little villages at the end of these dirt roads smiling at us so clean and dry against the never ending amount of rain. Maybe they are the jungle. Maybe that’s the trick.” We love that line because we found something similar here in Nicaragua: after all of the warnings we heard before our move, we’ve found that the people and the culture here are beautiful. Something we might not have ever known had we not made the leap to come here & find out for ourselves. A big thanks to Caira for sending this into us, we love it and we hope you enjoy it too.

Happy Saturdays friends!!


11 responses to “Weekend Video: Cascada

  1. Wonderful filming. We spend time in Mexico each year, some friends ask us about ‘the danger’. Here, in Puerto Vallarta a mugging makes the news and is all over town because they are so rare. But a mugging here soon makes the news back home, where unfortunately muggings are far more frequent.
    We love our Mexican hosts.

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