LOOTB Back in Nica

LOOTB back to nicaragua

Going back to California for the holidays was incredible. It really made us realize how special it is to be as close as we are to our family members. Their love and support strengthens us more than anything, so it was a great recharge. This goodbye, although hard, was not as painful as the first because we were going back to our familiar second home of Nicaragua.

LOOTB back to nicaragua

After a quick flight from SFO, we arrived in Managua, Nicaragua airport. The only problem was that it was 10:30 at night and there was no way we could make it to Masaya without catching a very expensive taxi. Taxi drivers after dark at the airport have the upper hand because there are no other alternative modes of transportation once it is dark. Besides, it’s not very safe to travel anywhere in Central America at night.

LOOTB back to nicaragua

So, in typical Life Out of the Box fashion, rather than catching a cab Quinn and I decided to sleep in the airport again so that we could take the bus back in the morning. We told the airport security that our flight departed early in the morning and that we were going to wait for the flight overnight–they kindly nodded and said ok. We found a comfy spot on the cold tile floor and quickly fell asleep on top of our backpacks.

LOOTB Sleeping in the Managua Airport

At six in the morning we woke up to find several other gringos passed out around us and hundreds of people running around the airport getting ready to fly. We grabbed our stuff, snuck out of the airport, walked out to the main road and then squeezed onto a chicken bus that was completely over filled. We’re still not sure how the heck we packed ourselves along with all of our luggage into that bus, but a part of us felt so happy to be back in this craziness.

LOOTB Sleeping in the Managua Airport

Most people were headed to work, which for many in the area we were passing through consisted of manual labor in large factories. As we passed the giant factories, large groups of Nicaraguans would exit the bus and we slowly felt less like sardines. We finally arrived in Masaya after an hour long bus ride, unloaded our bags at Hotel Central and headed straight to get our favorite Nica lunch to discuss where we were going to live and what we were going to do for the next few months.

LOOTB back in nicaragua

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