Weekend Video: Pitaya Festival 2013

This is a video of an awesome festival here in San Juan del Sur going on this weekend called the Pitaya Festival. It’s a music festival and surf contest that makes the whole town come alive with a different event every day & night. Today is the surf contest finals and then an epic concert on Playa Hermosa that goes on throughout the wee hours of the night. Oh and the best part about this whole festival: all proceeds go to Los Pepitos, the special needs school here in town.

Jonathon and I are stoked because all day today we’re going to be selling and reppin’ LOOTB bracelets on the beach during the surf contest and concert as vendors. We had special LOOTB Pitaya Fest bracelets made specifically for this event with the Pitaya colors of fushia, green and black. Over 3,000 people attended last year for the festivities so it should be one heck of a fun time. Check out the video–it’ll make you dance and get your weekend started on the right foot.

LOOTB Pitaya Fest 2013


5 responses to “Weekend Video: Pitaya Festival 2013

  1. Missed again ! Going to Nicaragua in ten days. Missed Gogol Bordello in San Jose and Alajuela by two weeks, now the Pitaya Festival…must start planning a bit more efficiently.

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