Reflecting on on How We Got Here

LOOTB Reflecting on how we got here

It’s almost been a year now since we packed our bags, sold our things and left California for Nicaragua to start Life Out of the Box. It has definitely been an insane adventure so far and it’s not over yet. We’ve managed to work with many awesome NGOs, find some very talented local artisans, give hundreds of kids school supplies here in Nicaragua and even get our story on international TV.

We recently watched the first video we made, Life Out of the Box Part I, and it brought back lots of familiar feelings and memories of beginning a new crazy life. Whether you have seen it or not, check it out below. It’s full of adventure, excitement and joy and it will give you an inside view of our early beginnings. It made us both smile and we hope it makes you all smile too!

14 responses to “Reflecting on on How We Got Here

  1. Miss you guys. Keep it up! Thank you for being the way you both are. You inspire me everyday. Wish you the best.

  2. Makes me wish I would have made a video when I made the move. Looks San Juan del Sur. Think I’m going there the end of the month with some friends on a visa run. Good luck in your work.

  3. I just recently finished reading your remarkable story from the beginning. Enlightening, educational, fun, a little scary at times… Thanks for sharing and the supporting photos and videos.

  4. I like the video. I”ll be sharing it with my son who is also in Nicaragua with the Peace Corps. He is back and forth from RAAS to La Paz frequently, maybe your paths will cross! 🙂

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