Weekend Video: How to Travel the World On the Cheap

weekend video: how to travel the world on the cheap

We recently came across this video and we found it very useful to us and therefore, of course, to you guys. There are some really great tips and pieces of advice to travel smart on a budget. We love traveling and we would never allow money to prevent us from doing what we love. If you dream of traveling the world, then do it. Nothing is holding you back except for yourself. So go be you. Live your Life Out of the Box.


6 responses to “Weekend Video: How to Travel the World On the Cheap

  1. Great video! Just a couple of thoughts though:

    With regard to the debit cards, talk to your bank and make sure the card they issued you with will work with direct payment terminals abroad. Last summer, I went back to my native Canada and found that the debit card my Czech bank had issued me wasn’t of a type that worked with direct payment terminals. I could take money out of bank machines, but that was it.

    As per guide books, it’s actually quite challenging to find a good objective one. Many go light on the attractions and heavy on the dangers while others are vice versa. I’ve also seen many that were very concentrated on the capital and major cities at the expense of interesting but smaller places in the country they focus on.

    One should also not overlook internet sources for tourist information. I know more than a few sites and blogs about travel in the Czech Republic, for example, that were started by Czechs or expats that were sick of how Prague centric most guide books to the country are.

    A good phrase book is also a must, particularly one with sections on transportation and food shopping.

    • That’s great advice. We agree with the importance of notifying banks. We also enjoy using multiple resources to find out as much as possible ahead of time. Thank you so much for the comment.

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