LOOTB for The Boston One Fund

LOOTB for Boston One Fund

Even though we currently live in Nicaragua we do stay up to date on the daily news in the US. We were truly shocked and hurt, as everyone else was around the world, by the bombings that occurred in Boston yesterday. We wanted to do something about it right away even though we are 2,273 miles away from Boston. We figured that we can still make a difference through donating a large portion of the money from some of our bracelets to the new foundation The One Fund created by Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, and Boston Mayor, Tom Menino. If you buy any of the following bracelets this week we will donate $3, $5 or $10, relative to the price of the bracelet, to The One Fund on your behalf.

LOOTB for Boston

The bracelets dedicated to this cause consist of the familiar colors of Boston Red Sox, red and blue, Celtics colors, green and black, as well as the One Fund’s colors, yellow and blue, so that you can rep your support for Boston on your wrist with your LOOTB bracelet. The images of the bracelets are below and they can be purchased on our online store www.LOOTB.com. Furthermore, to stay true to the transparent LOOTB business model, we will email you an image of the donation receipt to show you that you helped make a difference. If you cannot purchase a bracelet, please feel free to share this with anyone who you think might be interested.

Let’s unite as a global community and show our support to those who need it the most right now. Together we can make a difference. Thank you.

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  2. So honored that you ‘liked’ my post regarding Boston. I watched the episode of House Hunters International about your move when it first aired. Very kind of you to link up your work with donating to The One Fund – Boston.

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