LOOTB + OK Strong Disaster Relief Fund

LOOTB + The Oklahoma United Way May Tornado Relief Fund

One of our long time supporters messaged us couple of days ago and told us that if we raised funds to help the victims of the Oklahoma tornado this week, he would match the first $100. We jumped at the opportunity to help right away because we knew the people of Oklahoma need it the most right now and our hearts were going out to every singe victim we had seen on the news. Helping people who need it is what Life Out of the Box is all about. So we went to our local artisans, picked out a few new bracelets in honor of Oklahoma and have posted them on our store www.LOOTB.com. Each bracelet will donate a portion directly to the OK Strong Disaster Relief Fund–a fund that was recently established by Governor Mary Fallin and United Way  to assist with the long-term medical, emotional and educational needs of victims of the May 20 tornado in Moore and the May 19 tornado near Shawnee.

LOOTB + The Oklahoma United Way May Tornado Relief Fund

The red and white bracelets represent the colors of the elementary school, Seven Plaza Towers, that was destroyed by the natural disaster. The crimson and white bracelet is in honor of University of Oklahoma and the orange leather bracelet is for the Oklahoma State Pokes. The $15 bracelets will donate $5 to the fund and the $30 bracelet will donate $10 to the fund. Jonathon is currently getting his Masters in Entrepreneurship through OK State and has met some amazing people from fellow classmates to life changing professors–so this disaster hits home for us both.

We wish more than anything we could physically be there in Oklahoma to help, but can’t and therefore are doing whatever we can to make a difference from Central America. Together we can make a difference.



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