Moving from San Juan del Sur to Estelí


After living in San Juan Del Sur for a few months, we knew that it was time for us to search for new opportunity. We successfully found a local artisan who could make custom beautiful jewelry for us and we had worked with several local NGO’s whom we planned on continuing to support and donate school supplies to.

We would miss all of our great friends in San Juan del Sur, but we were now ready to search for more opportunities that could allow us to grow and progress LOOTB to the next level.

After lots of planning and research we felt that the next best place would be Estelí. Estelí is a town in Northern Nicaragua that is known for making various leather goods with a specialty in leather boots, which Quinn loved. We also heard about a new mobile library project associated with the San Juan del Sur Library that was about to launch for the first time in Estelí. We of course couldn’t wait to learn more about it and see how we could help the new project out with Life Out of the Box.

Moving from San Juan del Sur to Esteli

The adventure of getting back on the road to seek and find new opportunity was very appealing to us. We both became very excited about the concept of figuring it all out without a detailed plan. So the next day we were off.

Moving from San Juan del Sur to Esteli

We decided to get there by chicken bus–our typical mode of transportation. Several buses and many hours of traveling north later, we finally arrived. Estelí was a nice town that was significantly cooler than San Juan Del Sur, had more advanced infrastructure and lots of beautiful street art on every block.

We put our bags down in a coffee shop and, as Quinn watched our stuff and caught up on work, I went off to find a place to rent.

Moving from San Juan del Sur to Esteli

I went from house to house in search of a comfortable home with wifi. It was a daunting task that took hours but after calculating the overall cost, we decided to move into a cute and tranquil apartment complex in the center of town for a month. As we put our stuff down and settled in, we decided to walk around town and explore our new home. We were both very excited to find out what Estelí had to offer.

Moving from San Juan del Sur to Esteli

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