Weekend Video: Create the Future You Imagine

We love this video because it emphasizes that everyone has the potential to create the future that they dream of no matter where you come from. It states that success is not given to only the lucky few, but rather that many of the most successful world changing people had to work hard and struggle in order to crate the impact they made. Bottom line is, anyone can accomplish what they want through hard work, dedication and passion. This is something that we’ve always believed and is a big reason why we left everything we knew to create something all the way out here in Central America that could make an impact on the world around us. It continues to motivate us every step of the way and we want you all to know that you can do anything you dream of too. We hope that this video gives you the inspirational words you might need to take your thoughts to the next level and go after the life you’re always dreamt of.

On another note, we will be launching new bracelets every week starting today! Below are some pictures of our new bracelet called Soar that we just launched for the first time today. This bracelet and more can be viewed on our store lootb.com.

Have a wonderful weekend!


3 responses to “Weekend Video: Create the Future You Imagine

  1. I’m so glad that you stopped by our blog which gave me the opportunity to check out your blog (and follow). Living life out of the box and following your own path is what a “successful” life should be all about! Anita at No Particular Place To Go

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