LOOTB + Moola-Hoop

Today we launched our very first crowdfunding campaign with a new company called MoolaHoop! MoolaHoop is a new rewards-based crowdfunding platform designed to help women entrepreneurs leverage the increasing power of the crowd to fund, build or grow their business. Our goal on MoolaHoop is to raise money to expand our line of handmade products and expand the company to other countries so that we can give school supplies to even more kids all around the world. Basically, more LOOTB products = more school supplies for kids.

We were honored to be asked by founders Nancy and Brenda to be a part of their big launch today as one of four of the very first business campaigns on their site. We’re offering some pretty awesome rewards in thanks to the supporters who donate to our campaign that are exclusive to just MoolaHoop.

Life Out of the Box crowdfunding on MoolaHoop. LOOTB.

We are offering, for the very first time, our brand new limited edition LOOTB Headbands exclusively to our MoolaHoop supporters that have been handwoven by some amazing women in Guatemala.

Life Out of the Box crowdfunding on MoolaHoop. LOOTB.

In addition, we have some beautiful handmade wrap bracelets that are also each an exclusive design for MoolaHoop.

Life Out of the Box crowdfunding on MoolaHoop. LOOTB.

We are offering all kinds of other fun things from your name on our website’s new “LOOTB Supporters” page to various one-of-a-kind bracelets exclusive to MoolaHoop to even a fun coffee or dinner date out with us to one of our favorite spots in San Francisco.

One of our favorite rewards that we’re offering is a presentation in your classroom, to your club or any other event by us both anywhere in California. This one is close to us because our goal with Life Out of the Box has always been to inspire others to be able to go after their dreams and we both feel that the best way to do that is by personally talking to all of you ourselves in person.

Life Out of the Box crowdfunding on MoolaHoop. LOOTB.

Check out these and other great rewards (for as little as $1 and up) that we’re offering to our amazing LOOTB supporters for helping us reach our fundraising goal.

Life Out of the Box crowdfunding on MoolaHoop. LOOTB.

Take a look at our campaign on MoolaHoop’s website and let us know what you all think. Like we said in the video, we hope you find some rewards that you like but no matter what, your simple support is really all we need. Thank you to all of you for helping us get to where we are today–we couldn’t do it without you.

If you can’t see the video in your email, check it out by clicking here


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