Living Like a Local in Antigua

Life Out of the Box living like a local in Antigua, Guatemala

The next morning we got up bright and early ready to get our day started. We knew we had to find a local market so that we could get some local grub for the local price. On the way to the market we noticed a Burger King across the street that made us both crave American fast food burgers, but we fought the craving and continued our trek.

Life Out of the Box traveling from Antigua to Panajanchel Guatemala

The market was quite the maze as most Central American markets are, filled with all different kinds of new street foods that we were eager to try. We were craving breakfast though, so we continued on until we finally stumbled upon a comedor with breakfast for just 15Q ($1.50). This was my favorite breakfast I had ever had in Central America.  It included two eggs, refried beans, plantains, tortilla and the yummiest warm ranchero sauce ever.  I also got to try the local jalepeno green hot sauce for the first time, which quickly became our favorite hot sauce in Central America.  I ordered coffee as well which perfectly completed this wonderful ideal breakfast.

Life Out of the Box traveling from Antigua to Panajanchel Guatemala

JB and I were very happy and excited that we were now in an area where spicy food was common and abundant.  After traveling through three countries in 18 hours, it was very interesting for us to reflect on how the food got spicier the closer we go to Mexico and the closer we got to the United States, the more it felt like we were back in the United States.  It was so strikingly apparent that it caught us both off guard and rather than feeling unsafe in Guatemala City, we felt a sense of comfort (possibly false comfort) because it looked more like home

Life Out of the Box traveling from Antigua to Panajanchel Guatemala

After breakfast we knew that it was time for us to continue the journey and chase the dream. As much as we loved Antigua, this wasn’t the place for us. We craved and needed to understand the true local Guatemalan culture, so we grabbed our bags and headed to the bus station.

Life Out of the Box traveling from Antigua to Panajanchel Guatemala

As we approached the bus station, all of the sudden, groups of men approached us asking where we were going. We told them that we needed to go to Panajanchel and, of course, every single one of them said that we should ride with them. We honestly didn’t really know what to do, so we just jumped onto one of the crowded chicken busses in hopes that we would eventually arrive in Panajanchel. We had no idea if it was the right bus or not, but once again we were taking the risk and putting our trust into local strangers to help us get there in one piece.

Trust your dreams. Trust your heart and trust your story. -neil gaiman

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3 responses to “Living Like a Local in Antigua

  1. Great post and beautiful pics, I have spent a lot of time in Antigua, your post gave me a little pang in my heart, suddenly I want to go back.

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