Weekend Wisdom: Without Struggle There is No Progress

Without struggle there is no progress. Life Out of the Box. LOOTB.

Without struggle there is no progress.

Photo taken by Jonathon while giving to a school with the San Juan del Sur Library + Wyoming Rotary Club

Location: a rural town outside of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

New LOOTB bracelet up on the store today called “Wanderlust“. Check this beauty out in the photos below and on our store at lootb.com!


7 responses to “Weekend Wisdom: Without Struggle There is No Progress

  1. Absolutely love this quote because it is so true and can be applied to anything! After two mission trips to El Salvador I have realized how true it is because they have overcome such tragedy and move on every day with a great attitude. I will be going on another mission trip this spring break to Guatemala, so I hope I get to go to a few places you have! Keep up the amazing work, I am inspired everyday and wish I could join you!

    • Hey Laurie! We love this quote as well and it’s wonderful to hear how your experiences in El Salvador have connected you to the words in such a beautiful way. We’d love to hear about your missions trip to Guatemala so please keep in touch! Always chase your dreams & living your life out of the box–you CAN make a difference and we know you will. You are LOOTB 🙂

  2. I don’t know about “Struggle”… I do know that work does lead you to prosperity. “Struggle” seems, to me, to be a word that people try to avoid. I love work. It gives me satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment. Struggle seems to make me feel like I can’t finish the work and let me tell you, owning a boat of my size, does seem like a lot of work sometimes. But the rewards in life so come from a combination of, first of all “Love.” Then “Work.” Then “Reward.” Struggle is a word that I don’t use, but it is important to people that need that word in their vocabulary to accomplish the progress.

    Progress just seems to be a verb that keeps me from getting to that final accomplishment of “Reward.”

    I do want you to know that “Progress” is important. It’s the road, the journey, the path that will take you to “Reward.”

    But once you achieve Reward, don’t stop there… It’s a resting place to continue the progress to the next reward.

    Love you guys… Nice bracelet. Thanks for the “bonus” last time and standing behind your efforts.

    My order is in… Please continue your “Progress.” It means a lot to me and the people that you touch… What you are doing is amazing.

    Thank you.

    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea

  3. Hey Guys! Thank you for getting us the info about Martina! We LOVE the bracelet and love the beauty that you spreading to all of the people you visit! Inspiring! LOVE IT! Do you need any supplies donated???

    • Hey there! We’re so glad you connected with Martina–thank you for your support in giving her school supplies! Shoot us an email, we’d love to talk about getting even more school supplies down to the kids. lifeoutthebox@gmail.com! You + your family are awesome, all of you are Life Out of the Box 🙂

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