Weekend Video: From the Future

Life Out of the Box Weekend Video: From the Future.

What would your future self say to you five years from now? Every single one of you guys has the capability to do anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to. So get out there and do it. Be more than a dreamer. Be a doer. Defy the odds. Silence the doubters. It’s one thing to think out of the box, but it’s quite another to act on those thoughts and take your Life Out of the Box. But if we can do it so can you. You are LOOTB. Check out the video above as well as the video below (made by us) for some extra motivation this weekend.

New bracelet up on the store today called “Bliss“. Check it out in the photos below and on our store at lootb.com!

3 responses to “Weekend Video: From the Future

  1. Some fun motivation … I keep thinking that it’s one think to hold a lot of beliefs, even to share them with others, but it’s another thing to live congruently with them. That requires action 😀 Thanks for sharing.

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