Street Food in Mexico

The Street Food of Mexico

We love food, obviously. Every country we go we write a post about the local food. Wherever we go, we are always trying the different street food throughout Central America in attempts to further understand life in their country. Sometimes it’s a delicious meal, while other times not so much and it literally bites you in the butt. Mexico was no different and although we saw typical tourist food like burgers and pizza, we knew exactly what we wanted to taste: the street food of Mexico.


The Street Food of Mexico

Of course when you come to Mexico you have to try the tacos. The meat can look a bit funky but it’s always worth a shot.  We found a taco stand in the middle of the market selling tacos for 20 cents a piece. The girls were really concerned about my weight considering how skinny I got while living and working in Guatemala, so they encouraged me to eat as many as possible.

The Street Food of Mexico

We ordered one of each kind: beef, chicken, carne asada and pork intestines. I enjoyed every single taco as I loaded each one with lots of spicy salsa and lime juice. My advice to anyone traveling is to try all of the food. You might pay for it later, but in my opinion it is always worth the risk to learn one more thing about a new culture.


The Street Food of Mexico

Mexico has a lot of great fruit sold in the streets. You can buy a variety of fruits in the market pre sliced with chile powder and lime on it. It is not a full meal but it was the perfect healthy snack to get us through the day. We also bought grapefruits, mangos, coconuts and other tropical fruits for under a dollar a piece. Do it like the locals and try it with the chile powder–it is different, yet surprisingly delicious.

The Street Food of Mexico

Corn aka Elote

The Street Food of Mexico

We love corn but as typical Americans, we are used to eating it with salt pepper and butter. Corn is sold all over the streets of Mexico, which is great for Quinn as it’s one of her favorite street food items to snack on. Here in Mexico, however, corn is prepared a bit differently than it was in Nicaragua and Guatemala as it can be purchased loaded with mayo, cheese, lime and chile. Whenever we were on the run, we would grab one and grub it down (usually without mayo) to regain the energy needed to keep going.

The Street Food of Mexico


The Street Food of Mexico

The girls loved the local horchata, which is a sweet white drink that is the perfect refreshment to go cool down the mouth when eating spicy Mexican food. Along with horchata, the beverage stands around town had other fresh fruit juices like watermelon, papaya, mango and more. There were also many stands of sweets throughout the city with handmade caramels, chocolate, coconut cookies, cacao and other tempting candies. The displays were always beautiful and these vendors always had a line.

The Street Food of Mexico


The Street Food of Mexico

There were huge buckets filled with dried bugs, mainly crickets and beetles, all around town. This was our first time seeing bugs being sold as food in the markets of Central America.

Bottom line: always try something new because that’s what traveling is all about. 

"Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people and look beyond what's in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in." -Andrew Zimmern

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