LOOTB Road-Trips to Arizona

LOOTB Road-Trips to Arizona

After visiting multiple universities throughout California, we figured that it was a good time for us to spread our presentation to universities in other states nearby. We decided to start with Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. We planned to make this trip to Arizona into one that would also include a trip across the border into Mexico so that we could give more school supplies to those in need. After planning out our trip, we packed our bags and hit the road for an epic two day road-trip down south.



Everything we do in life has to be done in proper LOOTB style so we spontaneously stopped at Las Vegas for a night to enjoy the night life before heading to Arizona.


As we walked around Las Vegas we were in awe of our surroundings. We were grateful for being able to enjoy these kind of experiences. We didn’t spend a lot of money, but we didn’t need to in order to have fun. All we needed was each other and a new place to explore–Las Vegas definitely provided us with just that.




The next day, we continued to drive through miles and miles of desert until we finally reached beautiful Arizona.




A couple of days later, we presented LOOTB and our story to the students of Arizona State University Rotaract Club. They were doing amazing things for people around the world and their local community. It was a wonderful experience to share our stories of giving to these proactive students with a passion to give as well.




After a great presentation we kept the school spirit going by attending an Arizona State University Football game on campus. College football games are always so much fun because thousands of people are cheering together for the same outcome.




This was an experience we hadn’t been able to have for a while and we loved it. We even brought our Spark bracelet to the game to complete our ASU attire.




Life is all about being happy and our Arizona adventure was filled with joy. Next stop was Mexico and we couldn’t wait to be back in the culture we had called home for the past year & give more kids LOOTB school supplies.


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