LOOTB Hops Across the Pond to England

LOOTB Goes to England

We hugged our friends and family and said goodbye once again to our loved ones. Goodbyes never get easier, but the reason why we were leaving California again was clear and more understood this time around. We left my brother’s house in San Francisco and hopped on the bus to grab Bart into the SFO airport. As we waited in the under ground Montgomery station with our two bags, Jonathon and I looked at each other excited for our next trip. It was just us again, hopping on a plane to take us into the unknown.

LOOTB Goes to England

LOOTB Goes to England

The whole airport process went by in a quick blur and before we knew it we were on the plane ready for take off. Our flight was to England, with only one stop at JFK and was hand down the cheapest flight we’ve ever see to England.

LOOTB Goes to England

After a quick layover in New York we were across the pond in Heathrow before midnight. Our plan, per usual, was to spend the night in the airport so that we didn’t have to pay for an over priced room in London for just one night. We had done this before in the Managua airport and we figured if we could do it in Nicaragua, we could definitely to it here in England.

LOOTB Goes to England

Luckily, we weren’t the only ones coming off of a later flight with the same idea. There were several others who set up camp once they got their luggage and hung out in the pick up area until the sun was up. It was nice and comforting to have company. The police patrolled around a few times which made everyone feel even safer.

LOOTB Goes to England

The sun came up before we knew it and although we were a bit jet lagged already, our excitement got us up to explore what was around us. We went underground to find out the most economical way to get into London. We checked out the bus station prices and they were the best deal around, so we hopped on the next one to Victoria Station to walk around London. We didn’t have a destination in mind, but we didn’t need one. We couldn’t wait to explore and see it all.

LOOTB Goes to England

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  2. Make sure that you will come up & see the most beautiful part of our country. Yorkshire & the NE & the cities of Leeds, York, Durham & Newcastle… The North Yorkshire Moors & Towns of Whitby, Scarborough & Alnwick

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