A Scary Plane Ride into North Africa

Life Out of the Box in Marrakech, Morocco

Expanding Life Out of the Box into Africa was invigorating. We couldn’t wait to be there and get started on creating new Moroccan products and work with the local NGOs. We got to the airport, buzzed right through the security line and waited eagerly to board our plane to the next continent.

Life Out of the Box in Marrakech, Morocco

Life Out of the Box in Marrakech, Morocco

Before we knew it, we were up in the air and being served some delicious airplane food and coffee. We talked together and read up on the new city that we were landing in shortly.

Life Out of the Box in Marrakech, Morocco

Life Out of the Box in Marrakech, Morocco

Four hours later we began making or decent over the rusty orange desert scene, but suddenly, the pilot changed the direction of the plane. Our heads went back as he accelerated, swooping up over the runway. Everyone’s stomach instantly dropped. The plane had clearly been making its decent towards the landing strip, but then began flying back up away from the tarmac. People all around us started chattering as the flight attendants instructed us to remain calm in our seats and put our safety belts on. I looked at Jonathon and grabbed his hand tightly.

Life Out of the Box in Marrakech, Morocco

The plane began to circle around the city away from the airport. The longer we stayed in the air, the more concerned everyone became. The tension throughout the plane was palpable. Confusion filled us all and a man behind us decided to get out of the seat and yell at the flight attendants towards the back of the plane. We didn’t understand what he was saying, but the expression on his face was clearly terrified. We didn’t know what to think–neither of us had experienced anything like this before.

Life Out of the Box in Marrakech, Morocco

15 long minutes later, after circling the airport a few times, our plane finally landed. People started clapping and sighs of relief were made by us all. It made us both very thankful to be here. Welcome to Marrakech.

Life Out of the Box in Marrakech, Morocco

30 responses to “A Scary Plane Ride into North Africa

  1. Horrible, horrible..as you were coming into land I can’t help but think there was another plane blocking your way..I witness something similar when my father’s plane was coming into land in Athens and there was an island hopping plane on their runway..his plane shot up and backwards and your described. Too close for comfort.. xxx

  2. I had that same experience here in Norway once. People at the airport were on a strike and we had to circle for 45 minutes before allowed to land. I was at the “downwards” side of the cabin, looking right down into the ground, the whole plane tilted horribly.. Ugh.

  3. wow….what a flight!! It must have been impressive…glad you arrived safely! Looking forward to read more about your stay in Morocco, your blog & project are very inspiring.

  4. That’s quite a start on your Marrakesh experience, I sure hope that was the low point and everything goes great the rest of the stay. Looking forward to hearing more about your stay here…

  5. The exact same thing happened to me once when flying into Norway with my whole family. It is amazing how much more scary it is when your children are with you… It was du to a strong upwind. They came in too high and couldn’t touch down in time and suddenly had to abort the landing and go up and try again. Nerve-wracking but ended well thankfully. Hope the rest of your vacation is eventful but less scary

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