New LOOTB Product: Headbands

Life Out of the Box Headbands

We’re excited to announce that we are launching a brand new LOOTB product on our store: HEADBANDS. These colorful headbands are handmade in Guatemala by Mayan artisans and have a similar style to our Guatemalan woven bracelets. We worked side by side with our artisans to create the ideal headband for any occasion.

Life Out of the Box Headbands

Life Out of the Box Headbands

Every single headband was hand stamped by us (Quinn and Jonathon) to allow the owner of the headband to see the child that received school supplies on their behalf. Each unique design is very limited and once the line is sold out, that’s it. We have some very bright colorful styles just in time for spring!

Life Out of the Box Headbands

Life Out of the Box Headbands

LOOTB headbands are the perfect addition to any outfit this spring and summer–whether you’re going to a music festival, backpacking through a new country, hanging out on the beach or doing anything else fun under the sun. Rock your LOOTB headband in style everywhere you go while making a difference by giving school supplies to children in need.

Life Out of the Box Headbands

Each headband is $50 and will give a school supply packet including four notebooks to a child in need. The number on the headband will allow you to see exactly who you have impacted and where the child is from. Connecting you with the kid you help educate brings the giving and receiving in full circle, just like this headband. That’s Life Out of the Box.

Life Out of the Box Headbands

Check out our new styles below and on our store Let us know what you think about them, what your favorite colors are and where you’ll be rocking your LOOTB headband this spring. This is a big moment for us and Life Out of the box and we couldn’t do it without each one of you. Thank you all for your support.

-Quinn and Jonathon

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