Hand-Stamping Our Products in Morocco

Life Out of the Box
After a long day of searching throughout the souk and talking to various artisans, Jonathon and Aziz finally found the perfect guy who would sell us leather and let us use his metal stamps. It was so useful having a local friend to help us out in this process.

Life Out of the Box

Aziz offered to let us use the back of his shop in the fondouk as a workstation for us to stamp our new leather. We woke up early the next day and headed to Aziz’s place for a long day of work.

Life Out of the Box

A year ago, in Masaya, Nicaragua, we made our very first LOOTB bracelets by stamping the leather on the floor on our hands and knees with a rock.

LOOTB in Masaya, Nicaragua

We both thought about that unforgettable memory as we set up the desk, small stools and the metal stamps and leather. We had come so far from where we started and it was a special moment to take in together as we started the process all over again in a new country.

Life Out of the Box

Aziz gave us a small hammer to borrow and we started right away. At this point, we had hand stamped thousands of LOOTB tags, so the process came back to us like riding a bike.

Life Out of the Box

After a few hours of working on our leather, Aziz offered us a pot of traditional Moroccan tea to enjoy while we took a break. He made up the teapot complete with Chinese green tea, fresh mint and a large amount of sugar to make it a hot sweet treat for us all. Drinking tea is an integral part of local Moroccans’ daily lives and Aziz was excited to share this with us both.

Life Out of the Box

The tea warmed us up from the inside out that chilly morning in the ancient fondouk that was crumbling around us. We knew this was a very special experience.

Life Out of the Box

Life Out of the Box

 Aziz’s warm hospitality and friendship towards us was something that we cherished. We began understanding that this was how many of the local Moroccans working in the souk treated their friends, both old and new.

Life Out of the Box

With a little sugar buzz from the tea and smiles on our faces, we went back to work. Quite a few tourists came into the fondouk to look at Aziz’s shop and at what we were doing as we hammered numbers into leather on the little wooden desk towards the back. In that moment, we realized that although we weren’t locals, we were no longer tourists either. Everything that happened today was a special memory, like our very first memories of hammering on the floor with a rock in Nicaragua, that we would never forget.

Life Out of the Box

Check out the video below to see us hand-stamping our very first products back in Masaya, Nicaragua in 2012:

26 responses to “Hand-Stamping Our Products in Morocco

  1. Great job! Loved how the tea made you feel a part of the culture…the community! Good work! And Maia got it right! You guys DO rock!

  2. Hey this is amazing! I’m so glad there were locals to welcome you and embrace you! Bashes the stereotype that people may have about foreign countries. Your handmade treasures seem to hold so much value because of your awesome experience! Oh and I love tea! How was the tea?

    • Thank you so much Shae. You’re so right, there is a story behind every single handmade product we develop which makes them that much more special! Oh and that tea was delicious, our favorite beverage so far in our travels 🙂 Keep up the great work on your site and living up your 20s out of the box!

      • Hello! Thank you! Oh and also I receive an awesome bracelet from you! Thank you it’s beautiful! It reminds me to LOOTB ❤️

      • Oh thank you so much! I also received a beautiful bracelet from you! Which helps me remember to LOOTB!

  3. I absolutely loved my time in Morocco and the people and their hospitality, so I am enjoying reading about your adventures there and integrating with the culture. I also can’t wait to get one of the new bracelets!! keep up the great work!

    • It’s wonderful to hear that you’ve been there and know how hospitable and welcoming the people are there. It’s a special experience to living here for a bit to really understand the culture. Glad you’re enjoying the adventures, thanks for following along with us and supporting what we do. It means a lot to us both. You’re quite the out of the box traveler yourself, keep it up and never stop!

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