LOOTB in The Pine Cone Newspaper

Life Out of the Box

We’re excited to share with you all an article about Life Out of the Box that was featured in the newspaper publication, The Pine Cone. It tells the story of how we started in Nicaragua all the way through Morocco and where we are now. We’ve come a long way since we left California back in 2012 to start our own social venture and this article shows just that.

Check it out online here: “Loving Life Out of the Box”

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support. Have a happy Monday!

5 responses to “LOOTB in The Pine Cone Newspaper

  1. You have come a long way… I’m proud to have watched it happen and sharing support where I can. You make it easy for us to make a difference in peoples lives. And the story… You are creating an amazing story. I share it and promote it on my website. I share your story with the people that sail with me. Continue your journey. Make a difference. Be an example of what small business can be. Thank you.

    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea

    • Captain Paul,
      Your support means the world to us both. We cannot thank you enough for everything that you do. You have been with us since the very very beginning. You help us believe in the dream and make it happen. Thank you so much Captain Paul. We really appreciate you.
      Jonathon and Quinn

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