Gypsy Soul to Blame

Life Out of the Box Gypsy Soul to Blame

The past two years since Jonathon and I left the USA to start a new Life Out of the Box has been filled with tons of travel, adventures, new cultures, life changing lessons, love, laughter, tears and everything in between. We’ve met some of the most amazing travelers from all around the world, created close relationships with locals, tasted some of the best and worst street food, learned new languages and have been fortunate enough to be able to give back to those around us along the way.

Life Out of the Box Gypsy Soul to Blame

This life that we created was one that came from within–there was an inner passion within us both to go see the world and experience life to its fullest for ourselves. I’ve realized, after traveling throughout Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Europe and Morocco in the past year, that this journey of trying to fully understand this world is a life long journey–and that is very exciting. I believe that there is something within us all that craves to find connection amongst the craziness of life. Traveling brings people closer because beyond our various differences, once you’re out there seeing the world with your own eyes, you realize that there is actually a beautiful connection between us all. We blame our gypsy soul for making crazy decisions like moving overseas to experience countries, cultures and people completely foreign to us.

Life Out of the Box Gypsy Soul to Blame
Life Out of the Box is all about traveling the world, experiencing new cultures and making a difference anywhere you go. The LOOTB lifestyle has the “Gypsy Soul to Blame” for not wanting to be stuck in the box. With all of this being said, we’re excited to announce our very first tank tops on our store for you all to rock with your bracelets during summer. The tank tops are designed and screen printed in California and each tank gives 7 meals to a person in need. This tank means a lot to us because it is very representative of what has kept us going in our travels and what will continue to push us forward into other countries around the world. 

If you can't stop dreaming about travel you are lootb

We are constantly encouraging you all to stay curious, travel often, get out of your comfort zone and live your Life Out of the Box. We hope that if you do decide to get one of our very first LOOTB tanks that each time you wear it, you’re reminded to do all of these things. Thank you to all of you for your awesome support as we grow, we couldn’t do it without each of you. Check out the tanks & get yours pre-ordered at!

LOOTB on an epic hike in Maderas Beach, Nicaragua

30 responses to “Gypsy Soul to Blame

  1. I love this concept. I travel as much as I can on my very limited budget! Any suggestions on how to travel more cheaply?

  2. You both are extremely inspiring!! And yes! I can’t stop dreaming of traveling… but soon though – yippee!!

    Please continue to share your magical energy. =)

      • Hi Maia, Thank you so much for the kind comment. Don’t ever stop dreaming about travel. Soon you will see the world. We are both excited for you!! As far as the shirts go we do make small and XS. We are having more made for us right now so hopefully you can get one if you want. Hope you have an amazing day!

  3. “stay curious, travel often, get out of your comfort zone and live your Life” ~ This pretty much nails it! Keep going and celebrate the gypsy spirit… 🙂

    • That is a great question. We are writing a few article to better explain our process of getting to where we are at right now. But it all started from asking ourselves what kind of life do we want to live and then making a plan on how to put it into action. I hope that helps. If not feel free to email us and we can explain more. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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