Top Five Countries We Want To Visit

Life Out of the Box

After traveling and living in a variety of countries throughout Central America, Europe and Africa, we are antsy to explore more cultures around the world. Quinn and I have discussed at length where we want to go next and we put a list together to get any feedback or insight from others.


Life Out of the Box
Turkey is a beautiful country located between Europe and Asia. After living in Morocco, we have grown a huge appreciation for the Islamic Culture and we would love to experience more of it on a holiday to Turkey. Not only does Turkey provide a beautiful setting, but it also has a lot of interesting history that we both really want to learn more about. We would love the opportunity to visit Turkey and divulge into the culture through living and eating with the locals. It is how we always travel and we believe that if we do the same in Turkey, we would gain a deeper perspective on a new culture and the world.

El Salvador

Life Out of the Box
While living in Nicaragua, we rode a chicken bus up to Guatemala and one of our stops was in El Salvador. Even though it was a quick stop through customs we were able to get just a small taste of the country and we want more. At customs there was a nice lady who was selling Pupusas two for a dollar (they use USD there). Pupusas are similar to fresh tortillas except they have incredible toppings in the center which can include pork, chicken, beans and cheese. We cannot wait to return to El Salvador and taste more of those delicious snacks. Many people have also suggested that we work in El Salvador as the need in rural schools is very similar to those in Nicaragua. We therefore want to go to El Salvador, work with educational organizations there and see for ourselves how LOOTB can make a difference there.


Life Out of the Box
Nepal has always been on the bucket list for Quinn. It’s a smaller country between two huge and very different countries, India and China. It is filled with natural outdoor beauty, jungle, magnificent mountain ranges like the Himalaya Mountains and over 35 different cultures. In the last few months Quinn and I have been introduced to a variety of non-profit organizations that are doing inspiring work for orphans and at-risk children in Nepal. It would be an incredible experience to learn about their needs and work towards making a difference in a country that has an unique culture to anything we have ever experienced.


Life Out of the Box
We have been living in Northern Africa in Morocco and love it, but we want to experience other parts of this huge continent as well. We have recently been talking to some non-profits in Kenya and learning a lot about the needs of children there. There are various ways that we can make a significant impact in Kenya and want to make this happen as soon as we can. We love exploring the natural beauty of each country that we visit and Kenya has an incredible amount of wildlife that we are dying to see for ourselves. Seeing the wild African animals in their natural habitats would be a dream come true.


Life Out of the Box
Quinn and I love hiking. We especially love taking the road less traveled and seeing the sites that few explore. We did this while living in Nicaragua, but we never were able to explore hidden temples. From what we have heard, there are many incredible temples in the jungles of Cambodia. Not only do we love exploring, but we also enjoy contributing to the country that we visit and would love to opportunity to learn how we can make a difference in the rural impoverished areas of the country.

Life Out of the Box

If anyone has suggestions or knows of any non-profits working in one of these countries that you think we should get in touch with, please let us know in the comments below!

31 responses to “Top Five Countries We Want To Visit

  1. When I was in El Salvador, I stayed at the Oscar Romero Cultural Center in Tierra Blanca, Usulutan. There is a woman named Vilma who works at the center (which is run by Sister Elena) and also has her own shop with tons of jewelry and other trinkets that are all handmade by herself and her other workers. Although there is not a non-profit, It would be amazing if you could connect with her and make a difference in that community.

  2. I would love to hear from you, after visiting or staying in Turkey. I lived there for a very long time…

  3. When you decide to make the trip to Turkey, feel free to drop a line – I’ll be happy to help out a fellow travel blogger! You can already find some info on . Hope you make it through the bucket list soon!

  4. I have always been disappointed in El Salvador. The people, in my experience, are friendly and thoughtful, much like Nicaraguans. One problem, in my eyes, is that the capital, San Salvador, is filthy, garbage strewn everywhere. What little I have seen of the countryside is no better. I asked people why this is so–especially given that Guatemala, so similar in its people and culture, has a capital city that for the most part is immaculately clean. Lack of “educación”, which is Spanish means cultural level, is the response I get. The heart of San Salvador is tawdry, run-down, reminds me of Managua’s Mercado Oriental. By all acounts it’s dangerous. I have had no trouble on recent visits, but in 1998 crooks tried twice in less than an hour to rob me.
    But Nepal… Sheer magnificence.

  5. Cambodia is beautiful and definitely worth a visit, though I only stopped off in Siem Reap. Haven’t heard great things about Phnom Penh. Would love to volunteer there and teach before we go back to the States for good.

    Thanks for sharing this great post!

  6. I just started a new adventure in Kenya and I have to say, you definitely should come here. Nairobi is so beautiful, I love how they blend the nature in with the city. There is a national park basically intergrated into it.

  7. Of your 5 I have only visited Cambodia so far …but it is my favourite part of SEA. So amazing.

  8. Amazing!! It’s so easy to get caught up in the run of the mill tourist attractions and miss the other most beautiful spots on earth 🙂

    • For sure. The local food is one big reason to visit. A restaurant cannot replicate the experience of eating the native food in the country where it originated. Thanks for the comment

  9. If you want to go to Turkey, I would recommend it whole heartedly. I lived there for about a year, teaching at a school. Then I visited for couple of months, Istanbul, the tourist places, and then Cyprus. It is all wonderful. And yes there is lot of history, abundantly strewn . all around Turkey. But I recently went to Eastern Turkey for a month. IIt was a visit to Kurdistan, near the Iranian boarder. This area is not yet too popular with tourist, and so is more pristine. Until recently the area was out of bound for tourists because of Kurdistan problem. But it is open now. Feel free to visit there. Abundant history and natural beauty, and a lot of culture. It is living culture, not just historical imagination.
    However I do not know how you can work there with a non profit outfit. That is because I never looked for that avenue.

  10. Loved this post! I have always loved the time I spent in Morocco, but now you have given me some new perspective on some different countries that I would not thought about before! Thanks!

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