Life Out of the Box + Entrepreneur on Fire

Life Out of the Box on Entrepreneur on Fire

Creating a social venture from scratch requires hours of labor into our business. Though it has been a wild ride, we still wake up excited everyday as we attempt to progress the business one step closer to our dream. One thing that keeps us motivated through it all is listening to podcast interviews with other inspirational entrepreneurs to gain any knowledge that may help us on our journey.

Life Out of the Box

There has been one podcast in particular that we have found to be extremely helpful since we started: Entrepreneur on Fire. John Lee Dumas has interviewed some of the most inspirational entrepreneurs including Timothy Ferris from 4 Hour Work Week, Barbra Corcoran from Shark Tank and Adam Braun from Pencils of Promise.

We are honored to share with you all our very own interview of us with John Lee Dumas on Entrepreneur On Fire. In it, we give as much insight as possible about bootstrapping in developing countries to pursuit the development of Life Out of the Box. We hope it motivates you all to get out of your comfort zone and pursuit your dream life. Click either link below to listen to our interview!

Entrepreneur on Fire #664: Quinn & Jonathon – Living Outside of the Box is a Life Well Lived

Download from iTunes

We are also excited to announce a NEW LOOTB PRODUCT LAUNCH:

Our very first Life Out of the Box T-Shirt for Guys + Girls!
Each shirt will give 7 meals to those in need.

Check them out below and get yours at

Life Out of the Box

Life Out of the Box

Life Out of the Box

6 responses to “Life Out of the Box + Entrepreneur on Fire

  1. Heck ya!!! Entrepreneur On Fire is my FAVORITE podcast I listen to it everyday! That is SO awesome! What an honor to be part of something as inspiring as EOFire! Keep rockin it!

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