Jonathon Button

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Graduated from: The University of Hawaii with a degree in Business Management
Favorite sport: Football
Favorite movie: Any movie about the story behind successful entrepreneurs (let me know if you know any good ones)
Favorite drink: Beer
Favorite food: Sushi (I crave it A LOT while living abroad)

Whats up. My name is Jonathon Button. I like spicy food. I love to travel and understand different cultures. I love my family. All of them blood and not blood. Ok so why the hell did you move to Nicaragua? After graduating from college I worked for a corporation and then a small business. I quickly realized that I had to get out of this standard box and go and create my life exactly the way I want it to be. Quinn and I decided that the best opportunity for us to do just that was through moving abroad due to the low cost of living.  So we came up with a business structure, packed our bags and here we are.  Working everyday on our own projects while learning exactly what we want. Our passion is what drives us.  It has been a long journey getting here but we love it. Our life out of the box.

13 responses to “Jonathon Button

  1. Hi Jon and Quinn. Love the name of your site. And I’m a football fan too, love the Eagles, Seahawks and Steelers but now I’m in upstate New York I have to learn to love the Bills. 😉 You’re welcome to offer feedback anytime. I’m glad you think I’m out of the box too! Best, G J

    • Hi G J,
      Thanks so much for writing us a message. We both love Football. College and professional. If you think watching your favorite team is hard from another state, you have to experience the difficulty of watching your team from a third world country. Congrats on the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl. Have a great day!
      Jonathon and Quinn
      Go 49ers!

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