Quinn Vandenberg

Hometown: Carmel, CA
Graduated from: University of California Davis with a degree in Business & Marketing
Fun fact: Modeled all through college. Traveled with it all over. It was fun.
Favorite movie: Pretty much any documentary that inspires me and/or teaches me something awesome about the world around me
Favorite drink: A large glass of dark red wine or good champagne.
Favorite food: Spicy Thai food, bomb.

I love traveling, adapting to new cultures, learning new languages and everything involving global style & design. I have always been a wanderlust kind of girl wanting to make a difference in the world while traveling to new countries. So, a few months after turning 25, I made a life changing decision to leave everything I’d ever known to go live the life I’d always dreamt of. My love Jonathon and I quit our jobs, packed our bags, drank with our friends, hugged our family, said our farewells and hopped on a plane to Central America to start our dream company Life Out of the Box. Since then, we’ve created my ideal life that allows us to be the entrepreneurs we both truly are while integrating our individual passions of travel, adventure and living life out of the box.

45 responses to “Quinn Vandenberg

  1. Quinn, you guys have a great thing going here! Love your work! I am looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for stopping by my blog because without it, I wouldn’t have come across yours -at least not today! Definitely with you on being mad about all things French. Cheers to language, culture, new life and adventure!

    • Thank you so much, we’re really working hard and love what we’re doing out here! Happy to hear you’re mad about all things French as well, love the culture and style 🙂 Cheers to you and to language, culture, new life and adventure! Will always toast to those wonderful things. We hope to hear from you again soon!

  2. Love, love this! At 25 my husband and I left for Pakistan, then on to Egypt and never looked back. The hardest land to adjust to has been the United States. Reading a bit about what you are doing is a gift to me!

  3. Hello Both! thanks for liking my blog. Good luck with your business and everything you do. Wonderful to see young people with talent using it to help others. “The Best of British” to you! (As we say this side of the Pond). KK

  4. Awesome! I LOVE what you’re doing. My husband and I are looking to do similar things in our future, and you are an inspiration! I will definitely look forward to following your blog, and your progress. (And thanks for visiting and liking my blog, as well. I must admit, though, blogging about my sister’s Halloween passion seems a bit trivial compared to your story!)

    • Thank you. We are very excited to see what you and your husband end up doing. Just be sure to follow your heart and you can’t go wrong. Thank you for your sincere comment.

  5. You two are very inspiring and I love that you are focused on giving back. Because of this, I believe that all of your needs will be taken care of. Thanks so much for stopping and leaving your appreciation on island Vignettes!

  6. Quinn,
    Have you adjusted to no hot water or have you moved? 😉 Seems like you guys have very big hearts. I have visited San Juan del Sur and made connections further north close to Leon and El Transito where I may be doing some work at one of the gated developments with the goal of providing for local school children.

  7. enjoyed your episode on HGTV. thank you for such inspiration and for lighting the path ahead — the path of following one’s heart. keep up the great work, you two.

    all THE BEST!!

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier! I must say I am inspired by what you do. I am afraid to pack up and move anywhere just yet. I want to save up some money first but I’m so lost as to what I want to do with my life at the moment. I plan on following you and your adventures from now on though 🙂 xx

  9. This is awesome!! I am so touched by your blog & your mission. As an educator/counselor myself – I understand the the future is our children and we CAN make a difference in the lives of youth. My girls and I are presently living in France – and I love the fact that they are gaining a new perspective on life and can see and live life with a more worldly view. I plan on following your blog and sharing it with my girls and friends – it’s beautiful! When one lives and creates from their heart – great things are possible!!

  10. Humbled that you found my blog and inspired by your vision,dedication and passion. Thank you so much for introducing yourselves,and for caring Hope that your heart work inspires and motivate others .

  11. Hello Quinn,
    My name is Neil with Symphony Salvage in Sarasota Florida. We are a collector of used clothing in the southwest region of Florida. We often export the clothing to graders or distributors of open air markets. Do you have some connections to people that would buy this type of product?
    Love your story!

  12. Hey LOOTB! I LOOVE what you guys are doing. I so wish I could just be the soles of your shoes! To go all the places you do and silently witness all that you experience. It is so encouraging to see selfless, committed, and faithful people in a selfish, noncommittal, and indifferent society. Your are doing great work, and even 70 years from now when you are watching the sunset, thousands of people from all over the world will come to you and thank you for your investment and compassion in their lives. You are a life-changer and that is beautiful. I look forward to keeping up with you guys’ adventures and projects.

  13. Hi, Quinn! I just saw you on House Hunters and, being a mom, I was immediately worried about you being in a foreign country. But here you are with your wonderful business and looking so very happy and living your dream! I am inspired by your courage to get out and grab the life you wanted and being so successful!

  14. You are doing some amazing work and I hope you know that you are an inspiration! Here’s wishing you a truckload of good luck and more unforgettable journeys! PS: Come to India! 🙂

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