Weekend Videos

The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

With the launch of our store we have gone through a whirlwind of emotions. The highs and lows of starting our own business have been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. This video depicts many of the feelings that we have gone through since the beginning of our journey. It’s a crazy ride but we love the thrill of it.


Here’s a video that highlights some of the world’s most influential icons in a very different light, giving you the failures they went through before they got to their success. It’s inspiring to see where people started and seeing that despite the failures and odds against them, they persevered down their own path and changed the world. From Walt Disney to Michael Jordan to Lucile Ball–everyone’s story consists of failures that motivated them to the level of success they acquired.

Hope this video motivates you to persevere through hard times to get to the highest level you can achieve.

What Do I Desire?

Alan Watts lived in San Francisco (our hometown!) and was a professor at UC Berkley. He’s a fantastic writer and philosopher, but this is quite possibly my favorite excerpt from his many lectures. Perhaps it’s because the subject he speaks of hits home with me and motivates me to keep doing what we’re doing here in Nicaragua. If money was no object I would still be doing exactly what I’m doing right now. Traveling the world, starting our own business and helping others around the world along the way.

It’s the exact same message we’re trying to spread through our story and Life Out of the Box. Think beyond the money. Think beyond the standard safe box and go after what you want.

Take 3 minutes of your day to watch this. It will inspire you and I promise you won’t regret it. It’ll get you really thinking deep about yourself and your life on this lovely Saturday. Try to answer this simple question: What do I desire?

Reinventing the Toilet

A funny and awesome video about the new project that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is working on. Some of you may be aware that there are people around the world who die from unsanitary water every day and that there are several nonprofits who are working on trying to make that disease ridden water drinkable so that people don’t get sick. This is the logical solution most people have come up with to fix the water: filter it.

Well, Bill Gates dug a bit deeper. He focused on the seed of the problem, which is that these people in developing nations don’t have the resources to put together an intricate sewage system that the western world uses to make sure the bad stuff doesn’t mix with the drinking water. So what did he think? Let’s CHANGE the toilet. Reinvent it. Now that’s some out of the box thinking. It was something no one ever really saw as an option, but when you think about it, it makes sense because the toilet hasn’t been improved in a couple of centuries.  Unfortunately, in the third world, suggesting that they try the system has worked for the first world is like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. So the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation came out with a challenge, to anyone who is willing to take it, to try to reinvent the toilet. They then sponsored the best invention and made the change happen for countries that need it.

That innovative crazy thinking that changes the world and moves it forward is what inspires Jon & I daily. Hope it inspires you too and helps you to keep thinking and living out of the box.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

This video was sent to us my our good friend James, from the UK, whom we met in our travels in San Juan del Sur. He stayed with us in Hospedaje Elizabeth, volunteered with us at the Mobile Library (you can see the dashing brit in Life Out of the Box Part 2) and then we traveled with him up to Granada.

The video is a unique, creative and entertaining video of Dr. Seuss’s famous poem “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” being read by various characters at Burning Man. If you know about Burning Man, you already know it’s going to be an interesting video. The poem was a favorite of mine as a little girl, but I haven’t read it in quite some time– so when I heard the words being read in this video, I started thinking: Perhaps I should be thanking Dr. Seuss in part for this persistent need to travel the world and live my life out of the box. Thank you Dr. Seuss. And I hope this poem continues to inspire little ones to grow up and explore all of the places they’ll want to go like it did me.

29 Ways to Stay Creative

Taking the time to be creative allows individuals to reach their greatest potential. Take that time to yourself and see what you come up with. Here are 29 tips to help you out.

Get creative and enjoy!!

Nicaraguan Nights:

Here’s an awesome music video of an awesome song, sung by an awesome guy. We found his video and got really excited because the whole thing is filmed in our favorite Nicaraguan city of San Juan del Sur. I even love how the girl in the video is drinking a Toña, so fitting. This video captures San Juan del Sur at night perfectly. Enjoy a little taste of SJdS along with music to get your Saturday night started off right!

Security Cameras: 

Just a feel good video of spontaneous human spirit being captured candidly on security cameras. We hope you watch it and it brightens up your weekend. Enjoy and happy Saturday!

Where Good Ideas Come From:

An entertaining and very interesting video about how innovative ideas form. The more we connect, the more we can progress individually as an entrepreneur and as a society. Watch, learn and connect for brilliant ideas.

The Power of Words:

This short film was sent to us from Jonathon’s dad and it really touched us both. Don’t underestimate the power of your words. Use them to positively change or inspire your life and those around you.

Life = Risk:

Sometimes we watch these movies just to remind us that what we’re doing is right. The journey to living our dream is one hell of a ride.

Doing Good Feels Good:

Did you know: Doing something good for others lights up the same part of the brain as treating yourself? The results are clear… Doing good feels good.

Protect Your Dream:

“Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You gotta dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they’re gonna tell you. You want something, go get it. Period.” -Will Smith (Pursuit of Happiness, the film)

Calle 13 Latinoamérica:

Recently our friends who have traveled all around South and Central America showed us this video. The way they described the video before showing us was that it sums up all of Latin America in 3 minutes. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll still understand the message this creative and artistic video communicates to its viewers. Enjoy!

Steve Job’s Standford Speech:

One of our all time favorite speeches. If you’ve already seen it, you understand why. If you haven’t seen it, watch and perhaps you’ll agree with us. Steve Jobs not only thought outside of the box, but lived outside of it constantly, and changed the world because of it.

Here’s your daily dose of inspiration to live Life Out of the Box.

Benjamin Button: For What It’s Worth…

My Village, My Lobster:

While researching the internet of other projects going on here in Nicaragua, we stumbled upon this trailer. We both find the subject of the video to be very intriguing–introducing us to an issue that never even crossed our minds. Neither of us ever really thought about where some lobsters comes from and what that lobster meal in America costs another individual overseas.

Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Where the Hell is Matt?

If you haven’t seen the first Where the Hell is Matt… you must have been living under a rock. Here’s his second video that just came out this week. It’s beautiful and wonderful, just like his first one but different. To emphasize this point, we’d like to note that the top comment on YouTube is “f***, it made me cry.” It made Quinn cry too. Watch and be inspired. We were.

Nicaragua, A Breathtaking Experience:

There is SO much breathtaking beauty. We all feel very lucky to live here–we kind of hope that the whole world doesn’t discover our secret gem in Central America too soon!


This video may cause you to book a flight to Nicaragua. But don’t worry, you won’t regret it. 

Dreaming Nicaragua:

A trailer for a wonderful independent movie about how the kids of Nicaragua deal with the worsening poverty that surrounds them with laughter and beautiful smiles.

Enjoy and pass on!

A Glimpse of True Poverty: By My Side

We came across this video on one of our follower’s page on Tumblr— By My Side. It’s a documentary about three women and their families who live in the landfill in Managua. There’s a large community of Nicaraguans who live, eat, sleep and work in the landfill.

Watch, learn and spread awareness.

Make It Count:

This video further validates everything we’re setting off to do. We only have one life to live. We’re going to make it count.

An Oldie But A Goodie:

Think Different. Apple.

Do You Remember When You Were A Kid?

Steve Jobs’ Vision of Life:

This vision helped mold our vision. Hope it inspires you as much as it did us. Enjoy.


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