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This is Life Out of the Box video in Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico

What’s up guys, we’re Quinn & Jonathon. In 2012 we left everything in California to create the social venture Life Out of the Box (LOOTB) in developing countries.

Here’s how it works: 

1. You purchase a handmade LOOTB bracelet by our artisans in either Nicaragua, Guatemala or Morocco from our online store Each bracelet is one-of-a-kind because it has a unique number stamped on the LOOTB leather tag. 

2. This bracelet gives a child in need school supplies. 

3. You actually get to see & learn about the child that you gave school supplies to through your purchase by either looking up your number on our LOOTB Gives site or through the personal email we send you after you make your order. 

4. The more bracelets you buy, the more children you give school supplies to. 

We are both very connected to education and believe that it’s the best place to start in helping developing countries. It’s the root of where change can start–where kids can learn and develop their own skills to improve their country’s economy, help their families and go on to teach the next generation. Our goal is to give kids the tools they need to educate themselves, live their own Life Out of the Box and pursue their biggest dreams. So far we’ve given to thousands of children throughout Central America & Northern Africa.

As we travel around the world to various countries looking for new handmade products to develop with local artisans, we continue to work with various non-profit organizations to find out how we can further make the biggest difference in each community we work in. To learn more about the awesome organizations we’ve worked with, check out “Giving Partners” in the main menu above. Overall, our journey has been quite the exciting adventure and we hope that you follow along with us in our pursuit of living Life Out of the Box. Below is a video of us creating Life Out of the Box in Central America:

Life Out of the Box has two main goals:

1. To inspire people to live their ideal life, go global and make their dreams come true by living Life Out of the Box

2. To give others in developing countries the same opportunity to live a better life by giving an educational product back to them for every product sold

Life Out of the Box presents at university rotaract clubs. LOOTB.

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About Quinn

About Jon

Interested in working with LOOTB? Shoot us an email at or Contact Us, we’d love to hear from you!

196 responses to “The Business

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  3. What a great business you two have created! I admire how you’ve turned your passion into action and created the business and lives that you want. You’re making a real impact on people’s lives. Keep it up! 🙂

  4. Love what you’re doing. Children are our future. I’m sure they truly appreciate what you give them.. It certainly sends a message that staying in school is important.
    You chose Central America. How neat. From the beaming faces of the kids in the photos, you are making an impact that couldn’t be done any other way than LOOTB.
    Best wishes to you both in the future. Now it’s probably time I start living LOOTB. You’ve inspired me.

    • Thank you so much Betsy. Everyone has a little LOOTB in them. Whenever one steps out of their comfort zone in pursuit of a new level of happiness one is living out of the box. Just get outside and make it happen. We appreciate your support. Keep doing what you love. It makes us both happy to read wonderful comments like yours.
      Jonathon and Quinn

  5. What a great idea! I love it that you’re working to make things better for yourselves and others voluntarily (free market style) and not trying to get the government involved. I’ll get a few bracelets and hopefully it will help out some kids there. 🙂

    • Capt Jill, Your support means so much to us. We really truly appreciate it. It allows us to keep going after our dreams and continue to give to as many kids as possible. We hope that you enjoy the bracelets as much as we enjoyed making them and giving to the children on your behalf. You are incredible and we can’t thank you enough. Thank you Captain Jill!

      • aw shucks 😉
        I gave the bracelets to a friend who I thought would appreciate it. She’s a very artistic type. Saving the others for the right time/place.
        Good luck to you and the kids! I really think you’ve come up with a great idea to enable you to live your dreams. 🙂

  6. LOOTB is awesome! Love the concept and what you’re doing with it. Can see you are very vibrant, caring people with good hearts. What you’re doing for others truly emanates love worldwide.

    • Thank you so much Kelia. We really appreciate your kind compliment. It is a crazy fun dream but we will never stop because it is our passion. Thank you for taking the time to write a comment.

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  9. This is AMAZING! One of the things that has been in my bucket list since forever is to someday help children in a third world country. I really hope I can do this sometime soon! 😀 Great job, guys!

    • It all starts with research. Figure out what you are most passionate about. For us we connected with education and so we wanted to help children in third world countries through education. Once you figure out your passion you will be able to figure out the be best path to get you to where you want to go. Thanks again!

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  11. I loved reading through what lootb is all about! It is awesome what you guys are doing. Many say they want or will help, but few find the leap to actually do it. As someone whose parents are from Nicaragua and who travels their often, I see the need for what you guys are doing. With every trip I try to reach out to those children and do what I can. We sometimes forget how very fortunate we are. Again, awesome what you guys are doing, I will be buying some bracelets to help support your cause. Can’t wait to continue reading your journey :).

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