The Peace Project in Nicaragua

We went to visit the Peace Project, an awesome NGO located in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua. Here, they give each of the kids in the after school program a school supplies set of their own thanks to our LOOTB customers. Check out the kids, the program and the difference a bracelet can make out here in the jungle of Nicaragua.

LOOTB Home For the Holidays

We went back home in California for the 2012 holidays. Lots of surprises and smiles in 2012, here’s to many more in 2013!

Life Out of the Box Video Part 3

Since we’ve opened up our shop a few weeks ago, we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to give many Nicaraguan children a variety of school supplies from wonderful people all over the world. We made this video to show how Life Out of the Box works. For every handmade bracelet sold, we give a child in Nicaragua school supplies and then actually show you the child that you gave to. See it for yourself at LOOTB Gives and the LOOTB Store.

Thank you to everyone for helping make this dream possible; this movie is for all of you. Here’s to giving many more kids the tools they need to succeed.

If you are viewing this on an iPad or an iPhone please click here to view the video.

LOOTB Store Launch:

Big news guys!! We just launched our LOOTB store. We’re so excited to be able to share this big step with you all–couldn’t have done it without all of your ongoing support and faith in us. Cheers to you all, thank you.

To check it out, click: LOOTB Store or simply click “Shop” up on our menu bar!

LOOTB Video Update: Making Moves

Giving you guys an update on our latest move here in Nicaragua. We’ve got to keep the development of the business going so we’re moving forward and traveling on. Excited to share it with you all, these next couple of months are going to be the MOST exciting.

Life Out of the Box Part 2

We moved from California to Nicaragua to create our own business that gives back to the community here in Nicaragua. We’ve lived here for five months now and created a video to show where we have been and where we are going. It’s a quick summary of articles we’ve written since we’ve been here, so if you’ve been following along–you’ll recognize it all & it’ll be fun to see everything you’ve read come to life in the video. If you’re just visiting for the first time–it’s a great summary of things so far to get you started on our story. We’ve come along way since we packed up our things in May and moved to Central America, as you can see in Life Out of the Box Part I. We’re doing our thing and loving what we’re doing… living our lives out of the box.

Life Out of the Box Part 1

We moved to Nicaragua to create a business that gives back to the world. We hope to inspire you as you follow us, but if nothing else we hope to just entertain you and give you a unique perspective into the life of two 25 year olds discovering the world while making a better life for those around them.

The Beach of San Juan del Sur

Jon & Quinn give a tour of the beach at San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. They give an insider’s point of view of the multiple activities that go on at the beach as well as some of the most epic sunsets on this glorious planet called earth. Enjoy!

Critters of Nicaragua Part 1

We’ve seen many critters here in Nicaragua, these are just a few we’ve encountered inside and outside of our home. Enjoy!

Critters of Nicaragua Part 2

While visiting the jungle, we encountered the biggest bugs we’ve seen… much larger and stranger than the ones we saw in San Juan Del Sur (see Critters of Nicaragua Part 1). Enjoy them all, from the beautiful butterflies to the scary poisonous scorpions–the jungle of Nicaragua is wild!

Rodeo Nicaragua

Jon and Quinn go on another Nicaraguan adventure–this time to the Rodeo of Nicaragua. The Rodeos here are a bit different than the ones you see in the States. It was a pretty crazy experience and we’re thankful we got to document it to share it with you all. Enjoy mates!

Video Update fron San Juan del Sur

Just a quick goofy update from San Juan del Sur to mix things up with a video. I clearly need help on my V-log skills… I’m working on it. All I can do is laugh at myself. We have a good time here. Our job is fun.

Dia de Madre in Nicaragua

On May 30th, the people of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua celebrated Dia de Madre (Mother’s day) with a traditional festival of dancing, games, and lots of great latin music.

Feliz Dia de Madre!!

Arriving in San Juan del Sur

After the long journey, Jonathon and Quinn arrive in the town they want to call home: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. First stop, Hospedja Nina.

First Video Update from Nicaragua

Day 1 on our adventure in Nicaragua. First stop, Managua.


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